Are you wondering what you can visit in the area? Viviane knows her region well and will be able to advise you, according to your interests, from the most famous places to the most unusual ones, but also to share with you her favourites, and to create with you a tour for the day.


First of all, Miserey offers a curiosity! Yes, in August 1978, three crazy Americans decided to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a free balloon. Today a monument commemorates this exploit.

Comptoir des loisirs

Many people will tell you “there’s nothing to see here”, Viviane does not share this opinion! Of course, Évreux suffered great damage during the Second World War (90% of the city was destroyed), but there is a very beautiful cathedral, a nice walk along the Iton river or a beautiful panorama of the city from the St Michel hill. Not forgetting the Gallo-Roman site of Gisacum a few kilometres from Évreux, at Vieil Évreux.

Giverny et la fondation Claude Monet

The Claude Monet Foundation, the Museum of Impressionism and its exhibitions, the village.

Bienvenue à la ferme

Want to stock up on local products? Here again, Viviane knows her colleagues well and will be able to direct you to them.

Eure tourisme

If you prefer hiking, cycling… another way of discovering the Eure and Seine valleys… circuits are available.