The farm

On the Evreux plateau, Viviane welcomes you to the heart of her cereal farm (wheat, barley, rape and peas).

Labelled “Bienvenue à la ferme” (Welcome to the farm), it is indeed on a working farm that you will stay.

Viviane, passionate about her work, will be happy to show you around her farm and answer all your questions about agriculture today and tomorrow.

If you have questions about what you hear or read in the media, Viviane will tell you about her experiences, present her FARMSTAR cards or how to put the right amount of fertiliser in the right place, or even about agroforestry.

Bought by her great grandfather, this farm was given as a dowry to Viviane’s grandmother when she married in 1942.

Her grandparents and parents have all been farmers here.

Each generation has been keen to develop, expand and modernise the place.

After her studies and a spell in agricultural education, Viviane became a farmer in 1998 by setting up with her parents. Together, they created La Passée d’Août bed and breakfast.

With Pascal, her husband, who runs a dairy farm near Tancarville, they continue this family history, attentive to the evolution of agriculture and to the questions raised by society.

Through this activity of welcoming people to the farm, Viviane enjoys taking the time to rest (even if some days it is more complicated than others!), to discuss, to exchange, to share beautiful moments of conviviality and to get to know each other.

It is this sharing of experiences that makes the meeting so rich.